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  Products list
¡¤Gum Rosin
¡¤Tall Oil Rosin
¡¤Calcium Rosinate
¡¤Gum Turpentine
¡¤Edible Glycerol Ester of Rosin
¡¤Rosin modified resin
¡¤Maleic Modified Resin
¡¤Terpine resin
¡¤Paint resin for road marking
¡¤high-grade light colored Tackifying resin
¡¤LX-0716#Tackifying resin only for foam
¡¤2402#4-tert-Butyl phenol formaldehyde resin
¡¤water-based ink rosin
¡¤dispersing rosin size
¡¤Tall Oil
Distilled tall oil bitumen

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Company£ºShaxian Lixin Resin Co,.Ltd
Add£ºJikou industrial park of Jinsha high-tech park,Sanming city, Fujian Province, China
Tel£º0086+598-5662886(telephone exchange) 5662669(buyer )
shanghai office£º0086+21-66166895£¨zheng£©
shanghai office£º0086+21-66166895£¨zheng£©

Gum Rosin Gum Turpentine Rosin modified resin
Maleic Modified Resin NMALEIC ROSIN 210#Modified Phenolio Resin

    Shaxian Lixin Resin Co,.Ltd,is one of the enterprises based on the production of rosin chemicals and their derivatives, encompassing research, production and sales of products. It is located in the important industrial park,fujian, china - Jikou industrial park of Jinsha high-tech park. Relying on the rich local resource of forestry. and the traffic is very convenience.Jinfu high-speed road¡¢sanxia high-speed road¡¢xiangpu high-speed railway and 205 national highway across the park. The production of"Lixin" rosin Rely on the rich local resource of Chinese red pine rosin.Comparing with other companies', the productions is adhesive. and pale color.we have a research team mainly composed of doctors and postgraduates. We produce rosin modified resin and deeply processed alkene turpentine products with high quality and stable performance. Now our company is one of the largest manufacturer for deep processing forestry chemical products...more>>>

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